23 January, 2016 (published)
23 January, 2016 (last modified)

Solving problems with Windows printers and printer drivers

printerI have two HP printers that are a few years old: LaserJet 4050 and Color Laser Jet CP2025. Both printers are connected to local desktops through a USB connection. Both printers witnessed my upgrading from Windows 7 up to Windows 10. I kept on having problems: the operating system did not recognize the printers, so I had to add them manually. Basically the communication between the printers and the OS failed. So I removed the printer devices and added them again. No avail. Downloaded HP printer drivers. Even worse because they only have a Universal Printer Driver. >> >>


20 December, 2015 (published)
20 December, 2015 (last modified)

Fighting the dll hell of Windows

hellAt first sight it looks sensible to put all functions your application needs inside your application. However, it would make your application very big and very difficult to manage. Whenever there is a function that you use - like printing something or saving a file - is being updated by the operating system you have to rebuild and relink your application. That is crazy. So thousands of mundane functions are supplied by the operating system and the only thing your application does is calling them. Software development kits supplied by the company that is responsible for the operating system in question will tell the developer how to use these system functions. >> >>


20 December, 2015 (published)
22 December, 2015 (last modified)

Prevent and detect source code tampering

hackerThese days the security professionals are upset about two malicious vulnerabilities found in the firewalls of ScreenOS, a product of Juniper. Wild speculations are put forward as to who did it, when it was done, how it was done and where it was it done. The two problems appear to be of the form of a backdoor. Exactly the type of backdoor security agencies like NSA want to have installed by US software companies. >> >>


  9 December, 2015 (published)
  9 December, 2015 (last modified)

Compiling OpenSSL on Windows (msvc)

visual_studiolpngThe present post is a recipe for building the static and dynamic OpenSSL libraries for all versions of OpenSSL on the Windows platform, viz. msvc32 and msvc64. We are using the Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 C++ compiler. In another posts we treat the mingw (Minimal GNU for Windows) toolchain. Our goal is to have in the end the following libraries (each for 32bit and 64bit that all have 32 in their name even then 64bit versions): >> >>


  7 December, 2015 (published)
  3 February, 2016 (last modified)

Undefined reference to WinMain@16 when compiling OpenSSL

The error message as given in the title occurs regularly when compiling OpenSSL. In our case the cause was always the incorrect decompressing of file links of the source tarball with a Windows zip utility. Use the GNU tar and these problems will be gone. >> >>