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Tuesday 19 January, 2010 om 13.15 door Ad  

Nightmare: Windows has closed Spooler

Fix the Spooler with FixIt
It took me many hours to solve the following problem. At startup Windows started to issue warnings about the spooler system and finally it announced "Windows has closed Spooler SubSystem App". My system is XP with automatic updates. Given the hundreds of complaints on the Internet I am not the only one having that problem. >> >>

Monday 11 January, 2010 om 13.02 door Ad  

Outlook should be able to handle read-only pst files

Outlook is my favorite application for organizing my To-Do list. Is is very easy to make a tree with folders. Folders can be renamed, deleted, moved, etc. Great. With the "post" facolity you can put any information in it, amd attach any file to it. So not just email meassages. But of course the Outlook folders were designed to in the first place to store email messages. A major fraction of my daily tasks is connected to items having haveing received by email items like requests, reminders, announcements etc.Other applications organizing my To-Do lists are of inferior quality, including the in-built Task in Outlook.
There is however one major drawback, that irritates me daily. The functionality is so good that I still keep on using Outlook for this purpose. What is the problem? The problem is synchronization and size of the pst folders. Folder trees are contained in a pst file. I have typically five to ten pst files. For instance the archive file that I call "2008". I change theis folder hardly ever, because it is now the year 2009 and this folder contains stored stuff of 2008. Although I do not change the folder I do read it regularly. So it is part of my "active" pst folders and it is availbale any time I use Outlook. The size of this folder is about 300 Mb, the result of a year of sending and receiving email messages with numerous attachments. >> >>