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Monday 19 April, 2010 om 14.51 door Ad  

No audio device installed

I am running Windows Vista Business on an HP EliteBook 2530p with all operating system updates applied automatically. My laptop has a SoundMax audio device integrated on the motherboard. I am using this sound output device often. Especially when traveling, and listening in a hotel to an Internet radio station. Or for using Skype. >> >>

Monday 19 April, 2010 om 14.48 door Ad  

Bug, design flaw or feature request

The distinction between a bug and a design flaw is vague. If a program causes an access violation this is certainly a fully qualified bug. What, however, if a program doesnot do what the programmer had intended, but without causing a crash? I think this is also a bug. Suppose a program does exactly what the programmer had in mind, but the behavior is not what a user expects. A developer could program that a simple ascii editor starts the first line with "We hope you like our editor". This is not a bug, but a design flaw. If the program does exactly what the programmer does and it does what the user expects it should do, but the user wants it to do something else, we have the situation of a feature request. >> >>

Monday 19 April, 2010 om 14.24 door Ad  

PowerPoint forgets status of normal view

When preparing slides in PowerPoint one normally works in Normal View. The left side has a page-control with two tabsheets: Outline and Slides. I prefer the Outline tab, with all the titles visible as text. It allows for faster navigation and for faster editing. But when closing a PowerPoint presentation and reopening the same presentation the program has forgotten that I prefer the Outline tab, because it always restarts with the Slides tabsheet visible. >> >>

Monday 19 April, 2010 om 14.22 door Ad  

New text block has wrong properties

In PowerPoint objects can have default properties, like a text block can have a default font and a default font size. When editing such an object one has the option to save the actual properties to become the default properties for all new such objects.
If you copy part of the text of a text block and one pastes this object in a new text block this works fine. However if one pastes the copied object immediately on the slide, PowerPoint costructs a text block for you and inserts the text in it. Unfortunately not with the default or inherited properties. >> >>