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Saturday 27 November, 2010 om 22.32 door Ad  

Safe upgrading to WordPress 3.0x in a few steps

This website was using WordPress 2.7. I decided to upgrade to 3.01. It went very smoothly, and was done in half an hour. I do not trust the automatic upgrading supplied by WordPress as I really want to know what is going on. For instance because it could go terribly wrong. >> >>

Saturday 27 November, 2010 om 12.10 door Ad  

More precise dates and times in digital calendars

Language can be precise but also imprecise.  When this level of accuracy is intended by the speaker or writer there is no problem. However if the inaccuracy or confusion is not intended there is room for improvement. When it is Saturday and someone tells you he wants to meet you  "next Friday"  you might be confused. Is this 6 days from now or 13 days. If he meant coming Friday why didn't he use the much clearer  "coming Friday" in stead of "next Friday". >> >>

Friday 19 November, 2010 om 22.29 door Ad  

Outlook messes up its delayed send option

Replying quickly to received emails easily leads to long threads. For a number of reasons delaying the reply has many advantages. It will reduce your work load. But delaying the reply implies some bookkeeping on your side. And in addition it means a mental burden. You know you still have to do something. For this purpose the option of "Delayed Send"  is ideal. You prepare you reply and tell your email program to send in two days, or two weeks, or a month or whenever. The email program checks the email addresses and if it can't find any problem it will store the email message until its time has come to be sent. This sounds pretty good and it is pretty good. >> >>