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Tuesday 28 August, 2012 om 19.51 door Ad  

WordPress plugin: show all PHP constants

With php one can define all kinds of constants. If you use WordPress there are constants defined by WordPress core, defined by theme developers and defined by plugins. With upgrading WordPress, theme or plugins new constants can ben introduced and old ones can be made obsolete. When relying on pre-defined constants when extending WordPress a developer can be confronted with some nasty surprises. >> >>

Monday 27 August, 2012 om 12.58 door Ad  

Changing environment variables with immediate effect

When installing new programs the Windows registry variable PATH has often to be changed. When the PATH in the user environment is set, the user has to logout and login again to make the new PATH string active. If the change is made to the system environment the computer has to be restarted. Especially the latter is a pain in the neck. >> >>

Monday 27 August, 2012 om 12.15 door Ad  

Our favorite Path Editor

Regularly Windows user want to edit the PATH environment variable, either to clean up obsolete paths, or to remove dirt introduced by installed programs, or to insert a new path entries when a newly installed program didnot take care if this itself. >> >>

Monday 27 August, 2012 om 11.25 door Ad  

My choice for a free, streaming audio recorder

When you buy a new Windows computer you will have to reinstall many programs. There is just no simple way of transfering them from an old to a new computer. Even the commercial  programs dedicated to this task are not of much help. >> >>

Monday 20 August, 2012 om 21.28 door Ad  

Windows 7 Pro PPTP VPN error 807 and will not connect to remote server

You can find hundreds of problem reports about failure establishing vpn connections with Window 7. The title of this post is part of the error message often displayed. Also in my case. >> >>