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Sunday 20 December, 2015 om 17.07 door Ad  

Fighting the dll hell of Windows

hellAt first sight it looks sensible to put all functions your application needs inside your application. However, it would make your application very big and very difficult to manage. Whenever there is a function that you use - like printing something or saving a file - is being updated by the operating system you have to rebuild and relink your application. That is crazy. So thousands of mundane functions are supplied by the operating system and the only thing your application does is calling them. Software development kits supplied by the company that is responsible for the operating system in question will tell the developer how to use these system functions. >> >>

Thursday 7 November, 2013 om 11.19 door Ad  

Undefined reference to _time32, _gmtime32 and _localtime32

two-gnusIrritating bug

We are developing applications for multiple platforms using Qt. These platforms are Windows, Linux and Mac. Unfortunately when upgrading ffrom Qt4 to Qt5 compiling breaks on Windows XP. >> >>

Wednesday 15 May, 2013 om 20.45 door Ad  

Troubleshooting mingw32-make

GCC compilerWe recently were confronted with an intermittent bug in mingw32-make. On internet fora we found that more people had similar problems, but we found no solution there. After a couple of frustrating days we found the solution, although we are not sure whether or not we understand the solution. >> >>

Wednesday 15 May, 2013 om 19.45 door Ad  

Debugging qmake

qtcreatorFor developers the Qt framework is of great value. The tool chains allows for building applications using the same source C++ base for Windows, Mac, Linux and for some mobile platforms. Qt extends standard C++ with much needed functionality. We appreciate tremendously the consistent, transparent Unicode support and the support for all kinds of smart pointers. >> >>

Tuesday 14 May, 2013 om 20.57 door Ad  

Large cursor bug with Ubuntu

large-cursor-on-unixYoung healthy people tend to forget that a large fraction of computer users and members of audiences do not (any longer) have the eyesight of a hawk. Computers are ideal for equipping people with vision aids. Using large cursors is one of them. >> >>