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Sunday 20 December, 2015 om 14.45 door Ad  

Prevent and detect source code tampering

hackerThese days the security professionals are upset about two malicious vulnerabilities found in the firewalls of ScreenOS, a product of Juniper. Wild speculations are put forward as to who did it, when it was done, how it was done and where it was it done. The two problems appear to be of the form of a backdoor. Exactly the type of backdoor security agencies like NSA want to have installed by US software companies. >> >>

Monday 20 August, 2012 om 14.59 door Ad  

Complete and working post-commit php script for svn server

For professional software developers code synchronization is a nightmare. The vast majority of them, like us, use the SUBVERSION (SVN) system. In a SVN system there is a central repository that can be approached by the members of the team. The developers have a local working copy. >> >>

Thursday 22 March, 2012 om 13.28 door Ad  

“200 OK (url)” SVN error message

Getting tired of gui SVN clients I started to use the command line approach. It took me quite some time to discover what in my case the message "200 OK (my_ur)" after a checkout meant. The OK is confusing indeed, because it is an error message with no help. Here is the answer: >> >>