7 December, 2015 (published)
  7 December, 2015 (last modified)

Preventing character replacements by WordPress

Many WordPress users write their posts with the TinyMCE editor. This editor has two view options: (i) Visual and (ii) Text  In the text view all kind of html can be embedded in the post. Unfortunately when saving the edited files there is a lot of filtering going on by WordPress and as result some characters or new lines have been replaced or removed. For good reasons but not always for good reasons. >> >>


  7 December, 2015 (published)
  7 December, 2015 (last modified)

Compiling OpenSSL on Windows (mingw32)

mingwThe present post is a recipe for building static and dynamic OpenSSL libraries for all versions of OpenSSL on the Windows platform, viz. mingw using the gnu c++ compiler. In another posts we treat the msvc (Microsoft Visual Studio C++ compiler) toolchain. Any mingw toolchain could be used for the present purpose. However, there are quite a number of mingw distributions around that differ in a not well-documented way. As in our company we build multi-platform (Windows, Mac and Linux) applications using the Qt IDE we will use the mingw distribution (version 492-32bit) that comes with the open source Qt package (version 5.5.1 at present). Our goal is to have in the end the following 2 static libraries: >> >>


30 November, 2015 (published)
  5 December, 2015 (last modified)

Which cloud service is secure and free?

safe-cloudI assume that you want to store your files on a cloud server in such a way that only those people can access it who you have given explicit permission. >> >>


27 October, 2015 (published)
22 November, 2015 (last modified)

Digitally signing a Mac App outside Xcode

gatekeeperWe develop a Mac app with Qt5, so outside Xcode. I want GateKeeper to allow my app to run on clients' computers rather than issuing the "Can't be opened because the identity of the developer cannot be confirmed" warning. This warning terrifies users. >> >>


19 August, 2015 (published)
19 August, 2015 (last modified)

Suddenly Safari stopped working on OSX

If you search the Internet with the title of this post you will come across a lot of hits. And in almost all cases the suggestion is to try erase cookies and and erase the cache. >> >>