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Wednesday 6 February, 2013 om 12.43 door Ad  

Recovering original dates and times of old MS-Word documents

Microsoft's Word has a number of irritating features that possibly should better be classified as bugs. One of them is the counter-intuitive updating of links and macros. When writing a letter it is useful to be able to use a template. In the template you can put your name, address etc. But also the date and time. If you put the date and time there you got at least four options: >> >>

Sunday 19 August, 2012 om 21.43 door Ad  

JPG or PNG on your website

Very recently  I came to a surprising result: I discovered that my websites rendered the same picture with different quality, dependent on whether the file type was jpg or png. As a matter of fact the jpg was of much better quality. When I had the figures displayed by a local viewer on my PC there was no difference in quality and comparable to the jpg quality on the website. I tested this on a local Apache server and on a number of commercial Apache servers of webhosters. >> >>