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Thursday 7 November, 2013 om 11.19 door Ad  

Undefined reference to _time32, _gmtime32 and _localtime32

two-gnusIrritating bug

We are developing applications for multiple platforms using Qt. These platforms are Windows, Linux and Mac. Unfortunately when upgrading ffrom Qt4 to Qt5 compiling breaks on Windows XP. >> >>

Wednesday 15 May, 2013 om 20.45 door Ad  

Troubleshooting mingw32-make

GCC compilerWe recently were confronted with an intermittent bug in mingw32-make. On internet fora we found that more people had similar problems, but we found no solution there. After a couple of frustrating days we found the solution, although we are not sure whether or not we understand the solution. >> >>

Sunday 13 May, 2012 om 18.11 door Ad  

Executable failed 0xc0000135

After building a Qt-project I get sometimes on start-up of the executable the error "Executable failed ... 0xc0000135". This problem can arise because the build directories are corrupt. Such corruption occurs for instance when upgrading one of the components of the tool chain. In Qt Creator cleaning the directories from within this program is sometimes not enough. >> >>

Sunday 11 March, 2012 om 12.37 door Ad  

Installing gcc compiler on a MacBook Air

I am regularly developing with the Qt-framework. This extensive C++ library is of excellent quality, open source and cross-platform (Linux, Mac, Windows + mobile). So I wanted to use the gcc, the GNU C/C++, compiler on my new MacBook Air. Unfortunately it is not installed by default. If you have the same desire of installing gcc the following three steps will bring you there: >> >>