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Tuesday 25 March, 2014 om 10.46 door Ad  

Developers, please make desktop apps ready to run

ready-to-runIn the earlier days of personal computing - the early 1980's - resources were scarce, like limited memory and disk sizes. These limitations called for sharing binaries to the extreme. Sharing of software libraries is a nightmare to maintain. In the world of Windows this is called the dll hell. But this hell exists on the Mac and Linux platforms as well. >> >>

Thursday 14 November, 2013 om 22.58 door Ad  

Having a Linux app starting by clicking an icon

startingI assume you just build an Linux application. You want to make life easy for your users or customers. here is your challenge; >> >>

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Windows, Linux and Mac application on one USB stick

usb-stickSuper user

Windows, Linux and Mac suffer all from the sloppiness in which way the operating system makes a distinction between a simple user and a superuser. In Windows the superuser is called Administrator and in Linux and Mac she is called root. >> >>

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Brute-force attack on a WiFi network

WiFi is popular. People have such a network at home. ISP supply their bandwidth through WiFi and in many public places - like airports, trains, bars, hotels -  WiFi service is available. This post is the third in a series of discussing WiFi vulnerabilities. Earlier post were: >> >>